The Song of Light - heaven to earth - in you
Singing with the Angels. Vibeke Rolskov - a channel of the spiritual light- as she guides the meditation form Song of Light - a powerful grounding of christ consciousness
Channelling the energy
writing, singing or painting the visions
Remembrance and Clairvoyance - through the voice and through the paintbrush
a Unique voice - a guardian of the sacred sound - a light worker for the Christ energy
and the planet is singing too - in light
insight and visions
meditations & paintings & books & songs - creative spiritual expressions
Ascension - through the voice
As we sing, our focus set in the spiritual Christ love, we send the tones through us, as a wave - not only of sound, but of the higher frequences of light and love. Opening heaven to earth. The planet rises, humans lift their angelic wings of Heart energy
to walk with the masters and sing with the angels
Vibeke is currently translating her books "The Door" -a novel about the parallel world Gwyinedd, and the power of unconditional love and of song. And the guide book for the power of the voice and song: "Song of Light".

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